4 Reasons Most Multivitamins Don't Work | Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.

4 Reasons Most Multivitamins Don't Work | Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.

Are you spending money on a multivitamin that doesn’t work optimally? Here are four reasons why many multivitamins fall short of their goal.
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Multivitamins are important for anyone who trains, because the vitamins and minerals they contain are critical for a multitude of functions in the body, from energy production to muscle growth.

Unfortunately, many of the multivitamins on the market aren’t worth taking because they don’t work as well as they should. Here are four reasons why your multivitamin might not be working, and what to look for when choosing the right multivitamin for you.

| 4 Reasons Most Multivitamins Don’t Work |
1. Conflicting Ingredients
2. Missing Or Under-Dosed Ingredients
3. The Wrong Form
4. Poor Absorption

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28 thoughts on “4 Reasons Most Multivitamins Don't Work | Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.

  1. performancelab's NutriGenesis Multi for Men seems to have exactly all of what you said is good and non of what you say is bad (except for more zinc). any comments? I think it's the best one

  2. Wish he followed up with a list of the multivitamins he feels does work, since “most” doesn’t imply that “all” don’t work.

  3. Ok so you are saying we all have to open our own factory telling them to put only those minerals and vitamins which I tell them to…oh common man, either multivitamins comes or specified one vitamin ..

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