A day in the life of an Oxford physics student

A day in the life of an Oxford physics student

Everything that happened to me on Thursday of 5th week, Michaelmas term 2012. Whilst this was a fairly typical day it by no means represents every day in my …

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  1. I come back to this video for motivation but also to remember how it was like as a student, especially in grad school for astronomy. I would get up at around 8/8:30, get ready, have breakfast, and head into the department, which was 17 miles away driving. I would have a class in the morning, some break for lunch, and then immediately had to get set up for a three hour lab class that I taught. Would teach it and oversee the lab and then get ready to drive to the observatory, which was 60 miles away. Get my secondary to come with, grab the lab assignments, grab all the other items, grab some dinner and supplies like red bull/monster/candy etc and work at the observatory from about 6 to 4 am. Then finish up there, fill the liquid nitrogen in the dewar and head back home by around 5-6, sometimes I'd sneak in a late night snack and chill out at the beach to get some fresh air before driving home and crashing into bed. I'd start the next day a little later of course but yeah. The grind is/was real.

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