Beginner's Guide to OneDrive for Windows - UPDATED Tutorial

Beginner's Guide to OneDrive for Windows – UPDATED Tutorial

This beginner’s guide will help you understand the purpose of Microsoft OneDrive and will teach you how to set it up on Windows computers and how to use it. OneDrive can help you organize your files, give you constant access to your files on any device, and backup your files in case of theft or hard drive failure. And this video will get you started using OneDrive. #microsoft #onedrive ***Consider supporting Technology for Teachers and Students on Patreon***:

23 thoughts on “Beginner's Guide to OneDrive for Windows – UPDATED Tutorial

  1. If its like Drop Box, I have had a horror experience where a folder was deleted in one device, it was deleted in the cloud and all the files on all the devices were gone if they were all automatically synced.

  2. Biggest pile of effing crap Microsoft has ever come out with. Maybe you people like this onedrive, but it is a f up, from the start. It is all about how much money they can get from you, you realize this of course, yes?.

    Well this Onedrive takes us backwards, not forwards. Note your computer these days comes with nothing on the computer, but you still have to pay the premium price for the computer, so the same as before, just without all the software you need to run it. If you add software to the computer later on, then you are bombarded with relentless marketing for monthly subscriptions to services you had before on say Windows 7 that no longer are available on Windows 10 unless you want to pay out hundreds and hundreds of pounds extra to use some pile of crap service like Onedrive with all its messy interface and complete inefficient structure.

    Microsoft, tech companies in general, if there is one sect of people I would love to see terrorized by the terrorists it is them, hook, line and sinker. You are greedy, arrogant, do these things on purpose and you complicate things more than they use to be. You do this to manipulate people to spend money. You are ass holes.

  3. Touch or type В«The origin of вљ  the warning on the Windows ? shield В» in the search box

    The screen on video time 12:35/15:25 shows that the computer lacks approval. An update might be the solution.


    The OneDrive expert

  4. It seems I have too many clouds. If I receive a pdf, I have to save it in the Adobe cloud, I have to save my google stuff in Drive. with free space on all it's nice to have the combined storage storage, but I would like to move some documents from one storage place to another. Can I do that?

  5. I'm interested in understanding how files are organized on my desk top and the cloud. I have documents and scans and PDFs floating all over various files (and drives) and I want to understand and organize. thanks

  6. Hi this video was helpful ?
    But am trying to work out the best way to use one drive for my business so I share the access with my colleagues so we all have access to the same document on our own devices, and if one of us edits a document it will sync for all of us! Do u have a video showing this feature? I am currently using Dropbox for this but my team want me to move across to one drive! Can one drive work in the same way? Hope u can help ??

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