Broken AirPod? How to get a replacement under warranty (for FREE)

Broken AirPod? How to get a replacement under warranty (for FREE)

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In this video, I’ll show you how to get a replacement AirPod if one of them breaks under warranty.
I’ll also do an unboxing of the replacement AirPod, and show you how to set up the new one.

From the day I bought my AirPods Pro, there was a slight crackle in the right AirPod. It wasn’t a consistent problem, but it gradually became worse over time until I had to request a replacement from Apple.

The new AirPod arrived within three days. Setting it up was easy. Follow these steps in the video:
Unboxing: 3:28
Setup: 6:09
Pairing: 6:23
iPadOS new features: 6:35

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22 thoughts on “Broken AirPod? How to get a replacement under warranty (for FREE)

    STORY: I had chatted with someone at Apple and they didn’t bother telling me about the warranty because they were replacing both AirPods(because I told them I dropped my right AirPod in water) when I only needed the left replacement. After this video I went straight back to chat and cancelled the order replacement and made a new claim to get free ones instead. THANKS AGAIN BROTHER??

  2. Went to the apple store after telling them they don’t work I still had warranty so they said come back in 3-5 days an now I’m waiting for them to call me to get my new replacement:).

  3. i wish airpod pro's werent in-ear i hate the rubber in-ear earbuds…. i ended up getting the gen 2s over that reason i hope they come out with something thats not in-ear

  4. here is my current situation, i bought airpods last year in june and thankfully they are still under warranty. a little less than a month ago my right airpod stopped being able to connect to my phone but I could still see the charging levels when the case itself paired to my phone. just this week i’ve been noticing that my case has had trouble holding a charge and my left airpod with only charge about half of the time. i guess my question with this is do my airpods have to be completely broken to get a replacement? and can i just get the whole thing replaced together even though one airpod is still sort of useable?

  5. I switched one of my air pod pros with my brother and it won’t stop blinking orange… and when I’m able to connect it only one of them work what do I do ?

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