Can I Run a 4K Monitor Without a Dedicated Graphics Card?

Can I Run a 4K Monitor Without a Dedicated Graphics Card?

Are you looking to upgrade to a 4k monior for your PC?

But, concerned whether your integrated graphics can run a 4k monitor as you don’t have a dedicated graphics card?

Watch this video and find out!

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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19 thoughts on “Can I Run a 4K Monitor Without a Dedicated Graphics Card?

  1. I m having 28inch 4k monitor 60hz refresh rate, monitor supports hdmi 2.0 which cheapest build should i consider without dedicated graphics card

  2. My maximum computer resolution is 1600 × 900.
    I want to increase to 4K.
    How can I do?
    I want to watch and download 4K videos.

    Processor = Intel Core i5-4570
    Graphic Card = AMD

  3. Hi thanks for the video… I'm thinking about getting a notebook: i5 10210U and geforce MX330 2gb, Will it run a 32inch 4k monitor ? not for gaming of course….

  4. What if you have a pretty weak PC, but wants to use a 4K TV externally only for watching videos, movies, surfing etc? would that work fine. As i said no gaming, recording or anything.

  5. I have geforce gtx 1050
    Core i5 7th gen
    Hp omen
    8gb ram
    And integrated graphics card is it enough ? Please i need fast reply

  6. sir i have a question. I recently bought a curved monitor (3440×1440) resolution and i am using it as a 2nd monitor and connecting to my laptop which is core i7 with 16 GB ram and intel HD Graphic 630 and i am connecting my laptop through HDMI cable and soon i connect my laptop to 2nd monitor. My laptop display screen becomes smaller vertically. i dont have any issue using 2nd monitor but my laptop screen is not matching with my monitor? please help me in this regard. cheers

  7. Lucky to view your post. I was just planning to buy a 4k monitor . But just found My Dell Inspiron i5 3593 hdmi port can give video out at fhd only. Can you please tell me whether I can watch 4k content , say from youtube, on a 4k monitor connecting from my laptop? Regards.

  8. Hp omen 2016 laptop, intel i7 processor, 16gb ram, both gtx 1050 ti and integrated graphics
    Is using an external 4K 28inch monitor fine for coding, softwares like matlab and solidworks, and multitasking?

  9. Im using my laptop with an integrated hd i3 graphics only and it has an external monitor as my main screen. Do you think i can make my screen to 4k? Do you need an vga to hdmi converter? Thankk you sir hope to respone

  10. Thanks. I'm not a PC Techie, and just bought a bargain Dell 3880 tower, But it does NOT have a dedicated graphics card so I can get a 4K resolution on my 4k capable Monitor. Any thoughts if it's possible to upgrade NOW and would it be external?? Thanks.

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