32 thoughts on “Envision Documentary: The Incredible Shrinking Middle Class

  1. March 2022…14 years later and here we are on the verge of another economic meltdown. Plus, it has been officially declared that the middle class is completely non-existent.

  2. Everyone has a degree these days and it's no guarantee in the job market. Having said that I work as a Software Consultant with ERP Software and it's one of the few industries that seems recession free. During Covid and Lock down for example my company made record profits and even won a few lucrative new contracts. If you have the time and the money it's worth investing it in retraining in one of the more popular in-demand packages such as SAP, Netsuite, Sage to name a few and you could work remotely which saves on travel and eating out costs. London, UK

  3. Were the hell do they get the calculations from i waste 700 on a mobile home all included am in california but wend the smart way everything is included electricity water and i only spend maybe 200 on gas for two cars and about 1000 on bills i make 5k a month

  4. You could start a At Home bakery business. Just check the state for its food cottage laws. If you can sew or something else..just start a small business that could bring in some much needed money

  5. Note that one can get by by not paying for medical insurance (if one is lucky), not traveling much, not buying clothes, and staying in a room in a house or subletting for less than $1000/month. Note also that these people who lost jobs were getting too old to be desirable workers.

  6. A degree means you don't know how to do anyting….A Nursing degree is a job skill in and of itself. It's an OJT type of education…hence the high salaries.

  7. She earned 195,000 a year and didn't put anything away?…I think the middle class was busy trying to catch up with the top 20%, they thought nothing can stop them….the USA will soon be the top 20%, and those who drag their asses 🤔🙏….I am glad I am retired living in a small town in Queensland Australia 🤗😋😁

  8. If you want to place the blame on someone or something look no further than Congress who has bankrupt America by mismanagement of funds and policies that has weakened America over the years. This is what a bankrupt America looks like and it could get much worse with today’s inflation again caused by Congress. In America it’s hard to get the truth because the media lies to us. You have to do some serious research.

  9. Now 12 years later it is even worse. 44% of joabs are low paying. Not one american can afford housing on the wages paid now in any county in the us. You need 4 people working in each household to just survive. We are going to see an increase of tents cities of the working poor. Unfortunately the labor force that is growing in the us is the poverty wage and gig jobs. This problem is going to keep growing.

  10. This papal/Jesuit run world we live in loathes the middle class which has a sense of democracy and free will. The Jesuits would have us return to the Dark Ages where they ruled a world consisting of the very rich and the poor with no middle class. The same goes for Communism with its polarization of the rich oligards and the peasants.

  11. In SD, I keep on hearing people with college degrees, two college degrees. Please Please mention that degrees are they in? Computer Science? Computer Engineering? Mathematics? Statistics? Actuary science? data science? or Ethnic studies, women studies, gender studies? Art History, Medieval architecture??

    College degree doesn't mean useful college degree.

  12. These folks are the same ones that voted to increase taxes, thereby limiting investment capital for new jobs; voted to export jobs instead of allowing Trump to bring them back as much as could be brought; and voted to bring in illegals who are hard working and will quickly take their jobs. No one would want all that, so they voted without realizing the consequences. We did our best to explain but their heads were set. Maybe next time

  13. 1. Lower your standards to get working asap. Take anything for now. You are not too good to flip burgers in this situation. Just do what you must do o survive. 2.Move where it is cheaper to live now, not after foreclosure. 3. Downsize and that means whatever it takes. 4. Get out of debt asap…work 3 jobs while you physically are still able. 5. Sell your stuff…jewelry at pawn shop or ebay, garage sales. People don't understand…you created your upscale lifestyle, it was not forced on you-and tax payers pay the unemployment. If you worked 2 crappy jobs right now, you would not even have time or energy to be depressed.

  14. I know this video is old, but I had to comment anyway — about the young guy who's looking for work and says he wants a job in educational counseling or IT. Then it turns out his BA degree is in criminal justice. Um … why not something to do with criminal justice then? :- (I hope he's done well over the past 13 years.)

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