Fix AirPod Audio - One Ear Problem (2020)

Fix AirPod Audio – One Ear Problem (2020)

How to fix common AirPod problems, such as one ear problem, etc.
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How to fix common AirPod problems, such as one ear problem, etc. Apple AirPods and how to reset/fix common problems, such as audio in only one ear, connectivity issues, etc.

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48 thoughts on “Fix AirPod Audio – One Ear Problem (2020)

  1. My Left airpods stopped working I can’t even put a sound in find my app I tried cleaning it blowing it uptading software and cleaning my case AirPods nothing work it doesn’t detect my left ear I did everything

  2. I reset for 3 times but not work
    Issue with me is when i wear airpords then only left is working after i put my left ear airpord then suddnly right start work and then when i wear again both airpords then suddnly right airpord silent

  3. Thank you so much! I left them on the sink while I was in the shower and I thought the steam from the water broke it bc it got wet and then it started making buzzing noises so I thought it was a goner.

  4. 😭 i have a dame problem with the right it sounds loud and whrn i tolf my parents to put it in their ear they daid it wss loud but when i put it in mine it gets really quiet untill i pull it out a little but then i loose the quality 😭😭

  5. if i listen to a podcast just left one works but other things work just fine. a friend doesnt have this problem tho is it a problem with the audio file of the podcast or the airpods?

  6. Sadly this video didn’t work for me, but what did work was simply restarting my phone and then taking a q tip and cleaning the audio output

  7. Mine both works perfectly separately but when i try to use both of them only one connect and it’s always the right one i tried to reset it but its still does not work:(

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