Florence + the Machine - Shake It Out (Lyrics)

Florence + the Machine – Shake It Out (Lyrics)

One of the new songs to be coming out in the new Florence and the Machine Album – Ceremonials

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♥ Florence! ^^

33 thoughts on “Florence + the Machine – Shake It Out (Lyrics)

  1. I was going through a terrible divorce, one that I initiated because she cheated.
    I left the home to her, furniture everything, we had no kids.
    I remember waking up in that hotel room and the blue curtains blowing with the ac fan, with morning light cutting through the edges spreading light across the wall. I was devastated, I hit my phone and this was on my YT playlist and it came on, in the random mix.
    Changed my life. Like a DMT, I was able to see MY faults in the relationship, no focus on hers, and that showed me what was important. Change and better who you are, not charge and bitter yourself on the account of someone else in a bad relationship.
    Cheers Florence, your Alternative Ceremonial genre songs changed me for the better that morning

  2. Just found out now that I've always sang the lyrics wrong. I used to sing like this: looking for heaven, I found the devil in me…

  3. This whole album helped me get though my final years of high school. There were personal issues going on around that time, this album helped me pick up my spirits and move on💛 This song had a way of making me cry happy tears💖

  4. im struggling, suffering from opioid withdrawals at the moment . this song means the world to me . it reminds me how badly i dont want to go back to how i was before : half alive . i didnt even feel conscious . every moment off of these harmful things i gain awareness and life . though this process is unbearable , this song is here to tell me that everything will be okay . thank you florence , for everything .

  5. Just ended a 5-year friendship with a selfish, petty, passive-aggressive, and extremely toxic person who would guilt me when I wasn’t available for her 24/7, dismissed my grief after my dad died, and refused to apologize for anything ever.

  6. Just repeated this song again x 10 – Florence , you are a genuine life saver in how you express difficulty within music and lyrics. So glad you exist 💗 you are magical

  7. When I was younger my mom would always sing this song, whenever she was shaking my drink or when we were in the car, she’s going into surgery soon and this song has helped me 🙂

  8. All my life I have been weighed down by toxic relationships with men. This song makes me see a bright future. Talking to a guy now who cares about me deeply. Shake off the devil.

  9. I love u Florence so so so much. Being alive is an endless rejoice of harmony n shots of collision I show tears with shots of light n want to share all my favorite songs with u your mine forever n I pray for u even when It’s dark. Be at one with urself n I hold wisdom n worship within so bless me n I’ll bless u lovely song 🎶 thankuuuuuuu Florence love u 😽

  10. Snip snip cords ✂️.
    Love them let my people GO…🚶🎠🚶🎠 this isn't what God wanted for the world suffering for gain a funtion from suffering 💔.

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