Getting your learners permit in NY State

Getting your learners permit in NY State

Practice tests-


^Above is the application to apply for your permit. Just bring it to the DMV when your ready to take the test, along with your Social security card, original Birth certificate, and a valid passport!

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This video was filmed with a Canon EOS Rebel T5i.

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45 thoughts on “Getting your learners permit in NY State

  1. I took my Permit Test 2 months ago on April 15th, took it and failed then they gave me a second try on that day and failed again and I had to study for another month then Yesterday I took it again and passed with a 19 out of 20 cuz I got only one question wrong.

  2. Isn’t it crazy that in Tennessee and a few other states you can get a permit at 14?!!! I also live in ny and was super surprised when I searched it up.

  3. I know this is old but great video love the detailed story and the link for the test gonna use that to study as well
    Good Job going to get it early 👏🏼👍🏻

  4. Thanks for this video! Ill be going to take the permit the day before my birthday next month. Hopefully I'll pass, that'll be the best birthday present ever…lol

  5. thanks man i turned 16 yesterday and im going to take the test tommorow i live in nyc too and i found this video helpful thank you👍

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