How I Format My Physics Notes

How I Format My Physics Notes

Just a quick video where I show how I structure my notes for my physics classes. I use my math methods binder as an example.

How I study for exams(sorry for the abrupt zoomings):

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  1. Problem with me is i just can’t find time or am too lazy to do the homework problems after covering 6 weeks worth of lecture material and reading, and it always bites my ass in the end

  2. Hello! Do you take notes when reading a new chapter? Or do you read the chapter, go to lecture, and then expand upon lecture notes? Anybody that can answer – id appreciate your thoughts! Trying to better my personal note taking.

  3. My notes are basically non-existent, and all the problems I do do end up in a section of my backpack. Spoiler: they are probably gonna get thrown at the end of this semester

  4. My notes tend to be just the problems or important equations from the lecture but for the most part I don’t take notes in class anymore. When I do homework though, it’s either on printer paper or on teX using the physics package.

  5. Spent the equivalent of U$40 on a very very elegant binder with A5 size, very elegant paper. Color code important things with black, blue and red pen, use 0.3 mechanic pencil. My notes are so beautiful i want to make love with them 🙂 okay … seriously though, i make a point in having very elegant and well organized notes for vanity and also so i don't have to keep coming back to textbooks.

  6. Ive found that recording lectures is helpful just incase I miss something important in class. After class I'll go over the lecture a second time with the recording and fill in any gaps in my notes then Ill go over all of my notes again and organize them on my computer on OneNote. That way Ive gone through the course basically three times and I have a better understanding in the material. This way I can focus on just writing the really important stuff in class without having to feel like I have to rush through writing notes and I can listen more to the professor. I feel like I get so much out of this method. I like how you incorporate your homework in your notes too. Keep up the fun videos man!

  7. Since i have to study history, politics, and all that stuff besides the fun part (math, physics and chemistry), i prefer to write on an i pad. Due to me being able to type relatively fast, i can almost transcribe the lecture of the professor. After class (immediately after), i then structure those notes into main points and sub points (for better organization really).
    For math/physics, since most of our lectures are given on powerpoint anyway, i like to spend my time in class listening and trying to understand each derivation. Later, when im home, ill take those presentations and go through them myself, just to make sure i understood everything

  8. Hey, Andrew. I completely suck at taking notes.It's really difficult for me to take notes AND listen to the professor at the same time and I have always put listening to the lectures first. You got any tips for people who suck at note taking?

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