How to Get Your BSN in 6 Months!

How to Get Your BSN in 6 Months!

In this video I share 7 Tips to Help You Get Your BSN degree in less than 6 months. I started off my nursing journey as a CNA, then I became an LPN, an RN, and just recently obtained my BSN (Bachelors of Science) in Nursing from Capella University. There were a few things I had to adjust in both my work and personal home life to make this happen. I finished my degree in only 4 months and 3 weeks. Watch this video to learn How I got my BSN in 6 months.

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-I Quit WGU’s RN to BSN Program:
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31 thoughts on “How to Get Your BSN in 6 Months!

  1. I'm 20 years old and I'm still progressing with my Associate health Science degree toward the nursing route. I'm not sure if I should go to my RN to BSN or just go straight to my BSN without an RN degree. I'm stuck middle which route I should go to.

  2. Hi Vanessa thank you for the video, after watching a video from another nurse name David i came across your video. Very helpful. So i already did all my pre reqs at a community college. I am a mom of three husband etc. what is your best advice for me to do as fast as possible, are self paste programs online well i mean if they are available online. Again thank you!

  3. I finish BSN 10 years ago in Philippines and currently living in california,i was having concurrency issue when i applied for nclex,i wonder if this self pace program would help to acquire permit for nclex.

  4. I went to the website you mentioned to find more creditable schools but can’t seem to find it.
    Want to find a great online self pace school.
    Want to do my BSN RN then turn into NP.
    Is it possible with this university? Is it legit?

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