How to Save Money on Your Verizon Wireless Bill! From a Former Employee! (Lowering Your Mobile Bill)

How to Save Money on Your Verizon Wireless Bill! From a Former Employee! (Lowering Your Mobile Bill)

Today we take a look at how to save money on your wireless bill, specifically with Verizon Wireless. I’ve spent the better part of the last 10 years working for companies such as Samsung and Verizon so I’ve been around the business for a while now. We’re not talking about calling to complain to customer service, we’re talking actual ways to lower your cell phone bill!

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41 thoughts on “How to Save Money on Your Verizon Wireless Bill! From a Former Employee! (Lowering Your Mobile Bill)

  1. I have been trying to get a hold of Verizon all day and just have one question, I have a Samsung galaxy s10 with Verizon, 1 line $114. Per month. I would like to go with Spectrum for the same plan but lot cheaper $45.00 ,what I want to know is can I keep insurance for phone with Verizon but go with Spectrum.

  2. Its been about a year since I switched from AT&T unlimited internet to Verizon since we wanted to lower our bill. With all the talk about Verizon 5G we thought it would be a good switch. The internet is incredibly slow and I regret leaving AT&T since I was Grandfather into the unlimited internet plan. I have the most basic Unlimited Verizon plan. When I switched to Verizon the sales associate told me not to bother with upgrading my internet because its all the same. I did upgrade for 1 months and couldn't tell a different if any. Would paying more a month actually increase internet speed or is it just based on how many people are on the network at the same time? Thanks

  3. I have Verizon prepaid 15gb for $38 a month which is down from $50 a month from what I used to pay prepaid for 8+7gb (which was the same as my plan now but it was 7gb bonus data for joining under a special deal for prepaid) I’m pretty happy been with Verizon prepaid for years now

  4. Just to note you can technically use a credit card for the autopay discount now BUT it has to be the Verizon Credit Card.

    Also the case/screen protector/charger bundles are awesome and it seems they always have that deal going on. They’ve consistently had it at carrier stores for at least 5 years now. Usually always a $30-$50 savings.

  5. How do you add the discount that's from another person. Like for example I work at Homedepot and I have currently the single 5bg plan and it's saves me 10 bucks from the employee discount, thinking about switching to unlimited but going to the 10 gb plan is only 5 bucks more with auto pay, but how would I use someone I know that's military or first responders discount from that other person inorder to just go to unlimited instead and save more?

  6. Great explanation.
    After over 6 hours and in store visit I still can’t add Apple Watch to my account because I can’t get rid of ‘One Bill’
    Talked/texted with 5 representatives across VZ platform. Any Suggestions??

  7. Precisely why I gave up on any cell phone service. Their to complicated, intrusive, expensive, and the bureaucracy and policies are ridiculous. I'll stick to my copper wire for my communications needs. Besides that, why do I need a cell phone when everyone else has one I can use?

  8. Thanks! These are great tips and you motivated me into looking up phone plans. We are paying $187 per month for 3 phones but we could switch to a $103 plan on TMobile. Might be cheap choosing a different Verizon plan too but the amount of unusable phones due to their CDMA network is infuriating! Also I'll be looking into that teeth whitening kit you recommend. The toothpaste I'm using doesn't work.

  9. Device dollar is only applicable on phone purchase. Can't pay bills using it and neither can buy accessories. Device dollar can be used for buying tablet if you have existing line for that purchase. So not much until you get the FIOS setup with tour wireless account where you can actually save upto $30 ( if you are new to verizon wireless/fios account).

  10. Verizon actually has promo codes that discount line access fees. Most Verizon employees have no idea they exist (even corporate reps) or how to get them applied.

  11. Walmart is a good place to buy a postpaid phone. You pay the full activation fee but typically get all your savings on the device upfront. This means if you want to pay off early you can without losing savings.

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