How to use Microsoft OneDrive

How to use Microsoft OneDrive

In this step-by-step tutorial video, learn how you can use Microsoft OneDrive to backup files, to access your files anywhere, and to share and collaborate with others. I walk through how to get OneDrive and how to use OneDrive across PC, web, and phone.

Resources called out in this video:
– Upgrade to Windows 10 for free –
– Download and install OneDrive (if you have Mac, Windows 7 or Windows 8) –

0:00 What is OneDrive and why use it
2:33 Get OneDrive on PC and Mac
3:35 Get OneDrive on iPhone or Android
4:39 How to use OneDrive on PC
6:28 Using OneDrive in Windows File Explorer
7:00 Status icons
8:28 Sharing folders and files
10:05 View files online
10:30 Version history
10:54 Keep file on cloud only or device and cloud
11:36 Access your files from anywhere via the web
12:34 Search with OneDrive
13:02 Create new Word, Excel, & PowerPoint files
13:25 Upload content
14:00 Sorting
14:18 File & folder visualization
14:30 Activity view
14:56 Actions on files & folders on the web
15:40 Personal vault
16:31 Recent view
16:45 Photos view
17:10 Shared files
17:20 Recycle bin
17:48 OneDrive Settings
19:29 Using OneDrive on iPhone & Android
20:20 Scan or take photo on OneDrive app
20:50 Edit PDFs on OneDrive app
22:17 OneDrive plans for more storage

48 thoughts on “How to use Microsoft OneDrive

  1. Kevin, your videos are SO, SO helpful for us who need to learn all the amazing features that are becoming available to us. I am a total process geek and am always searching for ways to streamline my processes and save time. I appreciate your channel so much. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this helpful guide. Do you also know how I can delete pictures from my phone but keep them in OneDrive so I can free up my phone storage?

  3. Kevin hi,
    I want to learn how we can refresh automatically our files when we update them on our pc. For example, excel added an autosave button and if I activate it returns to one drive connector and saves it onedrive but, it makes it duplicate into my onedrive folder? I don't wanna make it like this. I wanna refresh my data when I close my file and see this file is updated automatically.

  4. Let's say you're working on a patent or a book and your files are uploaded to microsoft. Do they then own the patent and or the copyrights to your book now that they have the files, stealing your work?

  5. Please don't use onedrive if you don't want the nsa to read your files (even in europe) Basically it's a good idea but your data can be easily decrypted by nsa-clusters. If you don't mind, then do it.

  6. I have most but not all of my files backed up on One Drive. I have not put my investment spreadsheets and tax returns on One Drive because of security concerns. How secure is One Drive?

  7. I installed OneDrive for business in my iOS phone, when I logged in I am getting this error "You can not access it right now "your sign in was successful but does not meet the criteria to access this resource. For example you might be sign in from a browser, app or location That is restricted by admin".


    Please help what I should do to fix this issue?

  8. I find NO intruction anywhere about how to set up syncing between a PC or laptopn and OneDrive. Microsoft has no such instruction on its website, AND it offers no tech support. Microsoft truly sucks now because of its lack of service.
    Also, is the sync in both directions? How does it work exactly? Could you help here please?

  9. I understand that only files are being synced that I place in the OneDrive folder on my harddrive. As I keep my documents the old fashioned way in 'My Documents' I'll have to copy new files manually into the OneDrive folder. Further, once a file has been uploaded to OneDrive, it is not automatically synced while working on the original file in 'My Documents'. Working with my own NAS cloud, this comes with a sync software, and once relationships between original and cloud folders have been setup, I always keep updated and new files in my NAS cloud as well. I wonder, why OneDrive does not work in a similar way, or have I missed something?
    Nevertheless, Kevin, you are a great tutor and I enjoy watching your videos. I learned a lot. Maybe, you have a solution for a decent syncing process with OneDrive.

  10. Thanks for the video. The frustrating thing I have with Onecloud, is the avoiding of storing files on it. Since I really only need it for sharing mostly. Attachment size limits have lowered on email services, and the only way to get data to a person is to share it with them on the cloud. P.S. if I am wrong about size limits please let me know; I can't even attach a single page PDF anymore.

  11. I hope I can describe what I am thinking. My understanding is that OneDrive application makes a copy of the files that you were working with under your original data folder system and puts that copy into a subfolder called OneDrive under your Users folder on your computer. So in looking at the new OneDrive folder in File Explorer, you are looking at the copied files and data folder system ON your computer. The cloud version of OneDrive interacts with this OneDrive folder and subfolders on your computer. For example, if you originally had a subfolder on your C drive called Personallnfo before you installed OneDrive, the process creates a copy of PersonalInfo under the Users folder. If your PC is open for multiple users, and all users also use OneDrive, then the data files for each user are you also duplicated under their personal sub folder under Users. If there was multiple users were also originally working on the same data system, then with OneDrive, that data system is duplicated for each user ON your PC. I personally have 100s of Gigs of original data organized under a complex hierarchy of 1000s of folders, So I do not want any duplication. I want to continue to work with that data in only one location on my PC, and definitely not on many locations on my same PC. I also do not want my precious database hidden under several layers of folders, such as under the Users system folder.

  12. One Drive, the Privileged Class, problematic cloud thing to access, always busy?. ??GO GOOGLE DRIVE, now that's my people ???and a longer, Stress free Life. No problems. Turbo Serious business, Hands down.??

  13. Hi Kevin, how are you, I always enjoy your review, very comprehensive and easy to understood for lay geeks like me. Can you please review and advise which cloud is the best for backup. thank you so much. Jakarta, Ryo

  14. I used the one drive for free for one year but when my PC acted up I had to shut down and restore the whole drive and now I can't get back into One drive and my free one year wasn't even finished I still had a year left in it and another they never gave a code to enter this program

  15. In the back up option of onedrive app in windows 10, there are only three folders: picture, my documents and desktop, to choose from. But I want backup enabled only for some folders of my documents, and not the whole of 'my documents'. How do I do that?

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