How you can replace 1 of your AirPods

How you can replace 1 of your AirPods

My right AirPod sounded more quiet than the left sadly… but luckily Apple customer support sent me a new one in 27 hours! Problem solved!



32 thoughts on “How you can replace 1 of your AirPods

  1. y didn’t he got to accessibility scroll all the way down and check if the volume is more on the other airpod bruh this dude spent money for no reason ??

  2. Yo I got a question so I’m tryna get a new left AirPod bc I lost it but when I go to apple support I do everything and put the serial code in it just says do u want left gen 2 or right gen 2 and I don’t have gen to could I stilll use gen 2 AirPods for gen 1 AirPods or what I’m confused

  3. Lol I lost my right air pod ? twice now I have two left AirPods I work at a gym and when people lose stuff after 3 months it’s either getting donationed or thrown away we cleaned out our list and found yesterday and there were 4 left air pods in there ? talk about my luck

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