Is Getting Your BSN Worth It?

Is Getting Your BSN Worth It?

In this video I discuss whether or not I believe going for your BSN is worth it. I recently bridged over from RN to BSN with Capella University’s Flexpath RN to BSN Program. I was able to knock out my degree in just under 5 months with a total of 10 courses. Watch this video to hear more about my experience and whether or not I think it was beneficial to become a BSN, RN.

-I Quit WGU’s RN to BSN Program:
-RN to BSN Complete in 5 Months:
-Capella Flexpath RN to BSN Pros vs Cons:



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35 thoughts on “Is Getting Your BSN Worth It?

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  2. Is it worth getting MSN through Capella or WGU? Just wondering if hiring managers look down on online schools. I remember overhearing one talent acquisition rep make fun of Phoenix U online school. Has anyone had an issue?

  3. Hey so I’m currently in school for Medical Assistant but my end goal is to be a School Nurse. I know in order to be a school nurse you HAVE to have your BSN. Do you think it’s possible I can just go straight to a BSN program after I take my prerequisites, instead of going the LVN->RN->BSN route?

  4. Hi, I am going back to school after 11 years of hiatus due to financial problem. I am interested in nursing career. Here is my question: How long is the ADN study took and LPN and BSN. Not in total but per degree. And finally, is it something you would do all over again if given the chance to turn back the time?

  5. I started nursing as a LPN in 2012 also! ? I absolutely agree with everything you said and this advise is truly golden! I am Starting bridge RN-BSN online this Fall and plan to pay out of pocket. I frequently get the question of BSN being worth it and always say the answer is a personal, financial, and goal driven one.

  6. ADN with 4 classes left for BSN. I decided to go through my local university tho I started there and wanted to finish and its an HBCU. I agree with everything you said, I know for a fact bedside is not for me anymore and would love to get away as soon as possible.

  7. sorry i am confused. Is RN a 2 year program? I currently work in an ER but am not a nurse. I do want to do nursing but not sure if I should do the 2 year and then do the bsn online.. I don't have 4 years to complete a bsn. It's too long. I'm already getting up there in age. Should i doa 2 year and then study while i work? help.. also i thought LPN was 2 years and RN was 4..Im so confused. I do have a 2 year degree but in liberal arts and sciences.

  8. Congrats! I just finished the RN to BSN through Capella FlexPath on March 1st and I will be going for my Masters in Leadership in January of next year through FlexPath! ???

  9. Beautiful Vanessa ???, Cool Video. I’m sure it will help a lot people going for BSN. When will u do more health videos? Lately I been so into my health. Just feel like I been brainwashed my entire life in what to eat. So I been on eating plant based more alkaline, reason I heard about Seamoss. Can you share more on that topic and what you eat and etc. I would ???? that lol. What do you think about taking all animals products out of a diet and taking the right nutriments and vitamins? Honestly everything ya doing is cool and your awesome.

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