Is Information Technology a Good Degree? (I.T Degree)

Is Information Technology a Good Degree? (I.T Degree)

Is Information Technology a Good Degree for you? This video is about Information Technology, and why I think it is a good degree. I have been very happy with my I.T. Degree (B.S. in IT), and I would recommend it to others.

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  1. Hi. I just found your reddit post. Where did you get your degree? Online? Or state school? I am looking at schools, but I am stsrting from zero. Which schools have "live real time classes?"

  2. I keep coming across redditor's that sh*t on this degree. Is it true that there's a lot of stigma against this degree or are they just biased? They literally say IT majors are failed CS majors or they weren't tough enough to do the math.

  3. Thank you for this video. I just subscribed. I have two questions, Is IT a hard undergraduate course? What if I don't have any experience in IT whatsoever but by September I will be going to university to study IT, do you think I will struggle? I am changing course…presently studying Level 3 TV/Film at college and I'll switch to IT at uni.

  4. I currently make 45,000 to 50,000 as a welder. I'm currently pursuing an Associates in Science and thinking about getting a Bachelors in any computer related field, this field caught my attention. My question is will getting a Bachelors be worth it in the long run? I'm thinking maybe making 60,000 in the long run, not a greedy person but would love to have office hours instead of 50-55 hour weeks.

  5. I literally dropped my courses todayin my master of IT. courses are (media analytics) and (trends in IT) the course are only 8 weeks long and that doesnt give me enough time to study since my background is not in IT. I specifically dropped because I was struggling with R programing , what do you think about Information systems?

  6. Mr. Endsley a question I have to you is say I’m pursuing a bachelors in information technology BUT I want to focus on the cyber security side.

    Please let me know your honest opinion on that ? Will there be a job for me once I graduate? Is the salary going to be worth it ?

  7. One concern I have about pursuing a bachelors degree in IT is that the education system is outdated and that’s a problem because technology is always changing. Colleges can’t keep up to date with what they’re teaching. I also don’t believe in loans because I never wanted to get into debt. Is this a problem? I did research and almost every job posting I’ve seen required or preferred a bachelors degree in computer science or related. But, I also hear that you don’t need a degree to get into IT. I’ve been constantly debating if I should pursue more education or not. I’m currently working on an Associates degree of Arts, not an IT major. I plan to pursue certifications down the road when I have school off of my plate. Am I on the right track?

  8. Hey there, fellow UCF IT grad here! Just to piggy back on some things you mentioned, IT is a super broad field with a ton of lucrative career paths. I graduated a little under 2 years ago and now I’m a Sales Engineer (I had no clue what a sales engineer was when I graduated) . Also the program at UCF is in my opinion very well balanced. Some might say it’s too programming based, but it’s really just there to help you succeed in the real world .

  9. Hi Mark, i wanted to ask a question :
    I wanted to enter Computer Information Systems, but i didnt made but i got Information Technology major (it was my third choice) and i chosed that major in the last minute when preparing for the university entrance exam because i didnt know what it was, but i looked up to see what's the most closely related field from Information Systems and Computer Science, and turns out its IT
    The problem is, IT degree is a really new major in my country, it was first introduced around 2014 and i still dont have comprehensive understanding about IT, i only know that its one of the field of computer&tech majors but i dont really know what job i could be in (i wanted to enter information systems because i wanted to be a UI UX researcher and designer) could you give me an insight about IT? is there any way i could contact you? Thank you

  10. Thanks for the video. I recently switched from Computer Science to Computer Information Technology as it seems more practical than theory for CS. Are you ever planning on going for a Masters degree though? In my school there is only Masters in Computer Science or Software Engineering and both will require those high level math classes.

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