Learn OneDrive in 12 Minutes

Learn OneDrive in 12 Minutes

This tutorial will teach you OneDrive in about 12 mintes. Learn OneDrive so that you can use the cloud to save your files, share your files, and always have access to them.

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12 thoughts on “Learn OneDrive in 12 Minutes

  1. What I would really like to see is a video on how to troubleshoot the numerous problems that one drive has…I want to work off line save on my computer hard drive AND to one drive, uploads are blocked downloads are blocked and my document is not being saved on either PC or one drive….

  2. I thought One Drive backs up my computer automatically so I don't have to worry about losing anything. It seems like I either work in One Drive or I manually save files to One Drive. I know me I will work on a file on my computer's own hard drive and will not back up to One Drive. I/when my computer crashes – I don't have a backup. Am I understanding this right?

  3. The presenter is well-spoken and offers clear information. Well presented tutorial. — One question would be, is it necessary to sync folders from PC to Cloud, or not sync but just add folders manually to Cloud when needed?

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