Luke Combs - Without You (Lyric Video) ft. Amanda Shires

Luke Combs – Without You (Lyric Video) ft. Amanda Shires

Listen to “Without You (feat. Amanda Shires)” out now from Luke Combs’ deluxe album, ‘What You See Ain’t Always What You Get’:

When I’m up here on this stage
The spotlight’s on my face
But I see you
Sure, it’s me behind this mic stand
And it’s me strummin’ this Gibson
It’s me they love to give the credit to
But me don’t mean a thing without you

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34 thoughts on “Luke Combs – Without You (Lyric Video) ft. Amanda Shires

  1. Damnit man you can fucking sing. I am just greatful to be alive so I can hear it. Would love to see you do some faith based type of country though.

  2. With out you son id be nothing. An because of you i wake up to bust my back in the sun but everything is so worth it to see your smile an too see your face when you see me walking up too you i love you ian

  3. The man sings from the heart. Sings about hard work, hard times, good friends, family and great memories. He sings about life! He's the soundtrack of our lives. Love it!!!

  4. IF, this..was the First, or Only song … I had ever heard from Luke Combs… I WOULD BE A FAN! I love his work! I love, That this young man has NOT forgotten, Who he is, Nor where he came from! AND … Credits : Mom, and Dad! SIR. You are OUTSTANDING!

  5. Luke combs is the coutry singer we needed. We dont deserve him, but he continues to bless us. His lyrics are so deep you can feel through your speakers, tv, headset, or even your radio the love, blood, pain, sweat, and tears he puts into his music. This dude deserves everything good that happens to him.

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