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  1. Bagaimana cara menghilangkan tanda tanya di tabel ibm spss versi 22.0 ?. Sebelumnya saya bisa memasukkan data ke tabel spss kemudian 2 minggu spssnya tidak saya pakai pas saya mau masukkan data lagi malah gak bisa. Lalu saya buka google chrome untuk cek ke ibm spss statistik dan saya lihat uji coba gratis spss itu sudah lewat dari 15 hari kemudian spss nya jadi berbayar. Yang tadinya saya bisa menganalisis data secara otomatis sekarang malah tidak bisa. Akhirnya saya menganalisis data tersebut secara manual. Tapi agak sulit memasukkan datanya secara manual ke dalam tabel spssnya karena saat saya mengetik data didalam tabel spss tersebut malah berubah jadi tanda tanya. Gimana ya cara menghilangkan tanda tanya nya ?.

  2. Hi everyone! I am confused. So, my results on "mean difference" are negative amount. So does the "Confidence Interval of the difference" are negative amount too. How do i solve this ? I need help from you guys.

  3. If you are supposed to reject the null given the level of significance then the sample is not different than the population based on what is written for the null. However, you stated the reverse in your video, which could make it confusing for students. A null is usually that the sample is NOT different from the population (i.e. nulls are no difference), which in this case the sig. of .006 suggests it is, thus we reject the null (which you do state).

  4. Very informative. Thank you for sharing. I am a bit confused about the T-Test Value.

    I am conducting a test on a sample size of 150 individuals but I am not sure of the population size. Is there a standard table that justifies or helps us to understand what sample is to be tested on which value? Please elaborate your answer as I am facing quite difficulty in my own research.

  5. Question Sir, so in analysis of data from your video, you would use then the test value of 2.2? how do we determine the test value, and how can we say it is the correct test value? thank you..

  6. I am glad to hear that! There are lots of good videos out there and there are lots of people who know SPSS much better than I do, but may not be quite as facile with making videos and things like that. I am glad you found this video (and perhaps others) helpful!

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