35 thoughts on “Phil Collins Another Day In Paradise Lyrics

  1. Tears keeps flowing in my eyes everytime when I listened this song. I wish that I became a billionaire so I could help those homeless people. I hope someday no more walls separate us because we are all the same in the eyes of our creator.

  2. God Almighty Blessings on you.Reading your Testimony and the same listening to the song i couldn't help but tears in my eyes.Glad for for,But you have to do is Also do is Pray for those still on the street to also have that blessing of leaving to streets to an Apartment or Roof over there head..Besss you

  3. My friend went to a wedding, and the couple, who evidently didn't do any research, had this as their first dance. Afterwards someone showed them the lyrics. He laughed. She cried.

  4. tough song, a girl enduring some kind of hell and for some reason the only thing that this love couple can do is ~think about~ their own little bubble of warmth in this meatgrinder of a world

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