Shining Time Station - George Carlin: Last Words

Shining Time Station – George Carlin: Last Words


In this section of George Carlin’s Posthumous book “Last Words” (Read by his Brother Patrick Carlin), George describes what it was like working on Shining Time Station, how Mr. Conductor works as a character, what the show taught and how it was some of the happiest days of his life.

Other people have used clips of George talking about the show with clips, but none have used the Last Words audiobook which goes in more detail about his time on the show, so I thought I’d do the honors.

So please enjoy this tribute to the greatest comedian of all time, and his beloved character, Mr. Conductor.

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22 thoughts on “Shining Time Station – George Carlin: Last Words

  1. Before passing away, Carlin stated that he chose to star on the show, because he wanted to show people a different side of himself and he did an impressive job. Years afterwards, he would voice Filmore the hippie van in Cars.

  2. I really respect George for doing TTTE. I grew up listening to his voice on the VHS tapes but didn’t find out who he was till I was a teen. He did the show to show another, more wholesome side of him. He was a natural narrator; he had a good voice to listen to and he gave each character their distinct voices. Rip ❤️

  3. Goes from character that's strangling children to…
    PBS shining time station.
    Parents in 2021 have no fucking clue some actors of children's programs do some crazy stuff. Could you imagine the hilarious Karen outbursts about George Carlin.

  4. Recently remembered the series and went back to watch an episode to have a nostalgia trip and saw George Carlin as the conductor and lost my shit

  5. IMHO, I LOVE(D) George Carlin's Ability To "Tell A Story," But Knowing How he Really Was As A Person, I Can't Say I'm All That Enthused, Or Amused. BUT Yes… I Digress; I ALWAYS Thought That George Carlin Could Tell Stories, Besides "Act" Like A Real Decent Human Being In Shining Time Station, AND Narrate The Thomas The Tank Engine Stories BETTER Than Ringo Starr. Absolutely Nothing Against Ringo Personally, I Just Like(d) Better The Way George Read, And Narratingly "Brought The Characters To Life."

  6. Why doesn't this sound like Carlin's actual voice? Did his voice really change so much over his life? (Edit: It was his brother Patrick; I didn't read the description.)

  7. @5:20 there's a silver lining that he's dead: these days, when everyone is oversensitive and taking things out of context for clicks and outrage and attention…someone WOULD take his words out of context to make him look like a something-phile! If he's dead, then he doesn't need to deal with that garbage.

  8. I remember thomas but idk why i never noticed but i loved george carlin as a comedian he died a month before my birthday i saw it coming tho he looked so sick in his last show but i was so heart broken cause i was just about to be old enough to see his show 🙁 rip

  9. Actual interaction I had with an older person once:
    Me *finding a George Carlin CD at a record store*: Aww, George Carlin! I've liked him since I was a little kid.
    Them: "…what kind of shitty parents did you have?!"
    Me: "He was on a kids' show when I was little!"
    Good times.

  10. Despite a lot of Thomas viewers being too young to really enjoy Carlin during his life, George created a legacy with Thomas that touched millions of childrens' lives

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