The Cons Of Bedside Nursing| It’s a Mess | YourFavNurseB

The Cons Of Bedside Nursing| It’s a Mess | YourFavNurseB

Learn the cons of bedside nursing. Honestly I could have gone on… lol but here are the highlights.
The ultimate goal is to find what specialty or job setting fits your personality, goals and lifestyle.


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Nurse B

20 thoughts on “The Cons Of Bedside Nursing| It’s a Mess | YourFavNurseB

  1. Nurse B hunty when I mean I have some tea to spill on the petty of bedside in nursing home its so raw no edit cuz it makes me not want to even be a CNA but i worked my ass off so I’m going to push throw shoot you should interview me I have the tea lol

  2. When you mentioned telling grown folks to do their jobs, girrrrrrrl, that hit so hard. I’m always like “whyyyyyyyyy!” I’ll never understand why I have to tell a whole grown adult to pass ice water for their shift, or such and such needs to go to the bathroom while you’re sitting here doing nothing. It’s one of the most frustrating things ever. And this doesn’t apply to everyone but it applies to a few.

  3. I can’t even retake my TEAS yet for nursing school. I would have to sit out for a year if I stayed an LPN major! I switched to pharmacy technician for the time being so I’ll be able to graduate with that summer 2021. Then I can get prepared for LPN or RN after that.

  4. I came for the hair. 😀 I personally (I say that now) would do bedside nursing because I like doing a variety of things. And right now, I'm thinking to be a practitioner, or an educator (professor). Oh, I would pay you for coaching.

  5. ?LOOK AT THE HAIR MISS LADY! You are my spirit animal. ? I'm struggling trying to pass med surge & community health, but I watch your videos to reinspire me when I'm discouraged and feel like giving up. Whoooo ???

  6. I'm a LPN. My one and only job as a nurse has been a school nurse. When I apply for bedside LPN jobs they see my resume and say, "We will call you." ? SMH ?

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