The Disturbing Truth about Vitamin Supplements - Sharp Science

The Disturbing Truth about Vitamin Supplements – Sharp Science

According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, vitamins and dietary supplements are $122 billion industry. However, most people don’t know that the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements as strictly as prescription medications. In fact, supplement companies don’t even need to prove that the actual ingredients match the label. Most of the time, if you have a balanced diet, supplements are at the very least placebos, and at the most, something that might kill you.

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50 thoughts on “The Disturbing Truth about Vitamin Supplements – Sharp Science

  1. When I catch cold, I take overdose of vit C and it shortens my sick bed time.
    I also drink Garlic Ginger Juice every night

    Also Vitamins are really for Intermittent Fasting & weight loss regimens.

  2. The diet and lifestyle you have affects your body and a lot of people has different diets and lifestyle that's why some people says it's effective but i recommend meat/vegetables and fruits more than supplements unless they aren't available in your area.

  3. Well I don't recall there ever being a massive multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit for a vitamin let alone multiple different varieties of vitamins. Vitamins that cause cancer, heart attack, stroke, weight loss, loss of vision, drowsiness, loss of control over bodily movements etc etc etc.

    I think that there is likely some validity in this, but the medical industry always want to prescribe drugs in top of drugs, but as soon as you mention homeopathic methods or preventitive measures that include vitamins they act like you're talking about a witch doctor. Big Pharma and the Medical industry can't get rich off of healthy people.

  4. look, vitamins are not that expensive, for most companies it makes much more sense just put the real deal, it's way too financially dumb to try to save that small amount and pass through such a big risk of this becoming a scandal. What i think companies do a lot is put cheaper less absorbing forms of vitamins

  5. Americans do not have great diets and are almost always low on vitamin D & YES iodine.
    I will bet that nice lady doctor if she tests 10 people of any age that 80% wiill be low on those 2 vitamins +
    We absorb so much radiation & chemicals certain vitamins are needed to keep our blood oxygenated.
    Keep your blood oxygenated is the way to stay disease free.

  6. Bull hockey! I have low iron, and when I go to give blood, after NOT taking my iron pill supplement plus vitamin c to help it absorb, for a while, they tell me my iron is too low. So I have to go home and take my iron pill supplement for a period of time to raise my iron. I go back, and BOOM my iron is at a normal level!

  7. Either getting more of something is good or it isn't. Because I have a feeling the same people will promote superfoods. Vitamin D for example when you are sick your body will deplete it. And that has been scientifically measured. Vitamin C in an IV when you are sick is also been scientifically measured in getting your body to fight infections harder and ingestion of vitamin C supplements actually caps out so be prepared to educate your doctor if you end up in the hospital

  8. No evidence means that they hasn't been tested. Otherwise it would be evidence that it does not. Yet I've tested it on myself and I have my own evidence which means I have more evidence than your blonde dumbass

  9. Vitamin C works remarkably well. When I feel a cold coming on, I take 2000 mg., and then another 1000 mg. a few hours later. I take 2000 mg. for a few days after that, and my cold goes away or is very light, and only lasts for a couple of days. I know vitamin C works.

  10. I always hear nutritionist YouTubers say, "If you're eating a well balanced diet, you don't need multivitamins!"
    Have you seen our country? Most people survive on Frosted Flakes and Big Macs. I wanna know how effective multivitamins are for the people that aren't eating vegetables, fruits, grains, and etc everyday. Why don't people talk about that?

  11. I’m my own science experiment. I take B12 because without it periferal neuropathy is too painful to sleep.
    I take large doses of vitamin D3 because when I stop inflammation increases to crippling degree. I have some I take because numerous studies say they help. Probably most don’t and if I don’t see results in three months I stop and see if there is noticeable difference. It is expensive. Best thing is the lack of side effects for me. It is helpful to have recommended doses from knowledgeable dr./ nurse or naturopath. Some supplements are too low to be of benefits. Some have toxic limits. Some need others to be of benefit.

  12. I love the doctor. she giggles as she states facts LMAO ??? ?? she is so adorable. She must be a really cool doctor.
    I purchase veggies and fruits and then each day I make a veggie smoothie. Put (2) Kiwi's to mask the veggie taste and it will taste like a fruit drink. ??

  13. This guy admits that he himself takes multivits and is still doubting their efficacy..bro if u are not sure..stop ur research..and then post a video..why do u want to confuse people with half fed info..or maybe it is that you just want views and don't care if people are clear about the thing..

  14. I was always skeptical. My family is addicted to vitamins I mean they have at least 15 vitamin containers on the shelf and more in the pantry . Everyone in my fam except my mom and me is addicted to vitamins . I had arm pain for 3 weeks and my dad decided to put me on muscle vitamins , fish oil , and potassium because he couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and didn't want to take me to the doctor ?. So I told my mom who is luckily a nurse what was going on and she said that taking stuff like I just listed everyday which what I was told to do by my dad is WRONG! And is very bad for your heart ! So I'm glad that I forget to take it everyday ☺

    I do take a multivitamin everyday and a allergy pill doesn't really make me feel better tho

  15. Lol the multivitamin stuff is a fad. All placebo. You cant digest everything in a multi vitamin. You can barely digest powder form as is. Its bad for your kidneys if anything.

    Vitamin c is not easily digested either it will just go straight through you while giving you diarrhea

  16. High amounts of anything is bad, but most of all Americans have mineral deficiencies and without supplementing them it's impossible to get all the minerals our bodies need to thrive. Listen to Dr's and you'll definitely not live to be 100, besides what's the average lifespan of a Dr???

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