THE SCIENCE Of How The Body HEALS ITSELF With Food! | Mark Hyman & Fred Provenza

THE SCIENCE Of How The Body HEALS ITSELF With Food! | Mark Hyman & Fred Provenza

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If we take the time to be quiet, still, and curious, there’s an immeasurable amount of knowledge to be gained from our natural surroundings. In watching grazing animals and their food choices, we see they know how to personalize their nutritional intake to eat plants that match their exact needs. Though many of us have lost our innate wisdom to eat intuitively, upping our intake of phytochemicals and reducing processed foods means we can recalibrate our cravings to lean towards what we truly need. Vitamins and minerals often get most of the attention when it comes to eating for nutrient density, but phytochemicals are the real hidden talent for optimizing plant, animal, and human health. Unfortunately, modern agriculture has actually damaged the phytochemical richness of our food, by breeding for yield, appearance, and hardiness. I enjoyed sitting down with Fred Provenza in this episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy to talk about all this and so much more.

Fred grew up in Salida, Colorado, working on a ranch and attending school in Wildlife
Biology at Colorado State University. He is professor emeritus of Behavioral Ecology in the
Department of Wildland Resources at Utah State University where he worked for 35 years,
directing an award-winning research group that pioneered an understanding of how learning
influences foraging behavior and how behavior links soil, plants, herbivores, and humans. He is the author of three books, including Nourishment: What Animals Can Teach Us about
Rediscovering Our Nutritional Wisdom; Foraging Behavior: Managing to Survive in a World of
Change; and The Art & Science of Shepherding: Tapping the Wisdom of French Herders (co-written with Michel Meuret). He has published over 300 research papers in a wide variety of
scientific journals.

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29 thoughts on “THE SCIENCE Of How The Body HEALS ITSELF With Food! | Mark Hyman & Fred Provenza

  1. No one’s giving their lives! Don’t kid yourself! Just leave the animals alone! Just coz a plant is living, does not mean it’s sentient! A cancer cell is living, doesn’t mean it has emotions! What’s the matter with you! Spiritual? Ha! You don’t need to eat dead flesh and if you want to get the alternatives and leave the animals in peace! Don’t say it’s not healthy, flesh gives you colon cancer and heart disease so you can’t have it both ways! Just so the madness!

  2. As a woman, I was surprised to hear how only the mother‘s nutritional intake before/during her pregnancy could negatively or positively affect the unborn baby and therefore create Metabolic Syndrom heredity. Are you saying the father‘s health condition and nutritional intake has no impact on the child‘s future health?

  3. At 7:50 these two ignoramuses are basically attacking the morbidly obese and calling them a danger to the inutero child, as well as the examples set for their children while being raised.

    This is ignorant commentary, obviously they know nothing about what they are saying so if they can’t be accurate with something as simple as the cause and disease called morbid obesity., what else are they wrong about?

    They are irresponsible and incorrect on this topic.

    They are disgusting and poor examples as regards morbid obesity.

  4. The soil food web's members are small, however its anything but micro. Plants give out exudates attracting bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa. In exchange for exudates these creatures live, eat and die within the rhizosphere giving nitrogen, potassium phosphorus etc.. what the plants can't absorb immediately are eaten by the food web and made bioavailable.What plants need- carbs,, lipids and a little protein, is nearly the opposite of what we need, and ruminant/livestock animals are the brige between our gut biome. We can't digest many of the plants but cows for example can. What's left are the bacteria fungi etc of our gut. It's vicarious veganism. It would be awesome if soil biologists and experts in the gut biome spoke with one another, because there is a lot of vital information being misunderstood

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  6. My local supermarket had no grass fed meat last grocery day but I came across 'kangaroo' meat. Bingo. Tastes fine. Not sure if it's ethical with regards to what our Creator wants us to eat though. Saying 'grace' is probably the answer to all eating x

  7. Dr. Joel Wallach has good lectures about this. Dr. Joel Wallach is one of the Pioneers of EPIGENETICS along with Dr. Bruce Lipton long before Conventional Medical Doctors discovered the effectiveness of 'medical nutrition/functional medicine' as practiced by ND's. (Naturopath Doctors). It is good that Medical Doctors are opening up to this FOOD SCIENCE is a valuable tool foremost before an allopathic drug prescription is written.

  8. Is it true that our appendix was used long ago to digest plants and grasses? Not eating those plants and grasses anymore is probably why it's as small as it is and we can get along without one.

  9. I'm 61. Poor diet. Overweight & miserable. After couple of years(early 2000's) on prednisone I gained a lot of weight & still battle it. I fluctuate btw 162- 187lbs. Help! It's not comfortable. I'm only 4' 10''. I have a primary immune deficiency (C.V.I.D.) B cells don't function properly. I was a skinny kid. Growing up my mom cooked almost every night. Well rounded meals, no dessert and the junk food draw was locked(padlocked!) after dinner. I averaged between 95 lbs. – 115 lbs. throughout my teens into 20's. At 27 I was 100 lbs. when I got pregnant. Before I knew I was pregnant I had several recurring dreams where I went to diner's searching for the best tuna fish sandwich up & down the east coast. The kicker is I hate fish. I gag at the smell of seafood. I craved seafood throughout my entire pregnancy. I ate fish, mussels, etc. My baby needed it. My taste buds allowed me to eat what she needed & I lacked! That's a true pregnancy craving. I gained 54 lbs. total. She weighed 9lbs. & 22 1/2 '' long. 3 days after her birth I was 121 lbs. Since her birth I haven't touched a bit of seafood. The Native American Indians stressed to us about the connection we have to the plants animals & land. We ignored their wisdom. Earth will survive & thrive again. I hope Mother Earth, Father Sky & the Universe plan to have us humans' hang around for another few million years or more?

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