Why a College Degree is USELESS ? College Vs Career Drama ? Placement Vs Self Business Strategy

Why a College Degree is USELESS ? College Vs Career Drama ? Placement Vs Self Business Strategy

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A degree guarantees nothing
I don’t know where the idea came from, but many young graduates believe earning a degree is the same as earning a job. They mistakenly think that since they’ve made it through four years of jumping through professors’ hoops, they deserve a great job. That’s just not true.

A college degree shows that you can learn. To get an entry-level job, you need to show that you know how to apply things you learn, whether that’s theories you learned in college or the latest on-the-job training. Being able to demonstrate that you can think outside the box, solve problems, and positively impact a company is what will land you a great job.

To be honest, I have no idea which employees at my company have degrees or not. For jobs like engineering, it often does show, as computer science fundamentals are key. But for most others in the fast-paced startup world, degrees hold little weight. Instead, I look for whether or not someone can get the job done with passion, and if they have experience. They need to want the company to succeed more than their career. Remember that, when you begin looking for a job, the process is about what you can do for the organization, not what the organization can do for you.

I’ve received countless emails over the years from job seekers who are just looking for a job. Any job. They don’t really have an interest or professional investment in my field or company. They just want a paycheck or another bullet point on their résumé. But know that employers can always see through this job search tactic.

Passion will get you hired, simply because all the skills in the world mean nothing unless you’ve got a drive for the work. Expressing passion, however, can be difficult for young adults. They worry about coming off as cocky or insincere. Get over this by practicing how to talk about your chosen industry or career. Think about what gets you excited about a job or what possibilities are drawing you to a specific company. Then discuss that with your family, friends, or mentor. After some practice, put the words to paper in your cover letter and résumé. If you’re honest about your passion, you’ll find an employer who appreciates that.

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  1. sir mera bsc biology course h but mereko web development me career banana h…abhi to course ke exam chal rahe h but bilkul maza nhi ara h…time waste lagra h….exam ki wajha se coding bhi nhi ho pari h..me 5th semester me hu to time bhi kam bacha h ab graduate hoke ke liye…kya karu sir bhot pareshan hu

  2. Sir
    Agar business hi karna na tha B.E karke toh fir iit ki seat kyon waste ki
    Direct BBA karte why they wasted a iit seat other desirous candidate was there?
    You will not dare to answer the question

  3. Bhai aaj dimag ki bat sunta hu or ek bhot bda decision lena h. Carrier vs govt college degree
    Bhai my choice is carrier
    Drop msc 2nd semester
    After 1 year same platform I will do a message I success bro

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