Why is Nutrition Science so Complicated?

Why is Nutrition Science so Complicated?

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Eli Lyons – Check out his work at
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Dave Feldman – Check out his work at www.cholesterolcode.com
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For his talk on on LDL, HDL & TG and the NHANES data, check out –

Malcolm Kendrick’s book “Doctoring Data” –

вњіпёЋHormone Replacement Therapy – for more perspective on this, see Peter Attia’s podcast:

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45 thoughts on “Why is Nutrition Science so Complicated?

  1. super distracted by how familiar the background music is in the beginning. it sounds like it’s been slowed from its original tempo, anyone have an idea what the name of the song is?

  2. "[C]laims like 'such and such food prevents or causes disease' are very different from claims like 'compounds in such and such food prevent or cause disease.'" Great video, thank you.

  3. Yes! I noticed the variables in my studies when I was in class becoming a certified nutritionist- it drove me nuts that the researchers came to hard conclusions with so many variables

  4. From using that image of "man whos eaten multiple eggs per day," I got the impression that he was Mediterranean.
    Likely he ate the dish shakshuka. About 6 eggs & tomatoes.
    What if the 2-eggs a day person had the diner type breakfast. Processed sausages, boxed orange juice, commercial muffins.
    Point is, the dishes we grow up with really plays a role in what we'll eat. No matter the reasoning, all that matters is seasoning.

  5. Medical science makes things way harder than necessary. We have the gift of observation of groups of humans (not rats!) by regions, cultures and habits. Everyone can tell how eating certain things makes them feel. Then there's logic. Natural is better than Synthetic. As humans we wrongly trusted stupidly in the name of profits.

  6. If you kill off all the military age men and then you have an infant death ratio of zero for a generation by means of having no children, it does wonders for your life expectancy numbers on the survivors. They start out old and they just keep getting older!
    As for the murder mystery, if you want to know who killed John, I'll say it was John's wife and be right 60% of the time. Where are you going to find a nutritional statistic that reliable?

  7. The research is so 'conflicted' if in fact it is real science that I'll just skip both breakfast and lunch and stick to a Keto based OMAD regimen.
    Both my lab results and my physique are doing just fine.

  8. Humans are frugivores, why it is so hard to understand? Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are what we should eat. Also we shouldn’t use chemicals on our food so we can eat healthy bacterias for us.

  9. HDL 48
    LDL 100
    Triglyceride 64

    Vegetarian whole foods mostly, occasionally ceremonial meat, occasional liquor, occasional junk food. Moderate exercise. Occasional fasting.

    Avoid stress, enjoy life, work less.

  10. I can not eat many things. Especially things that cause me grief. I do not listen to certain people. I got logical question for them, but even refuse to talk,see,or hear them.

  11. When you eat a big mac meal at mcdonalds with a large fry and coke, You're getting only getting 25g of protein from the meat. The bun is 45g of carbs, the large fry is 66g, the large coke soda is 77g of carbs. You're eating like 200g of carbs with 25g of protein, you are not eating meat, you are eating an 90% carb meal. Even the small amount of meat is cooked in transfats, which inflame the arteries. People assume that americans eat a ton of meat, when in reality the average american diet is 90% refined carbs

  12. This was so frustrating to try to understand that I almost don’t even care lol just eat in moderation screw all these scientists were gonna die someday somehow

  13. Basically if the description for your food is longer than one line, it's too processed. Eat natural, eat simple, simple foods are digested and used simply, you wouldn't want to complicate the energy system of your body. There's a saying in Chinese, all diseases comes from the mouth. Meaning whatever you eat is the source of your health, wealth, and happiness. Eat smart, eat conscious, eat simple.

  14. I think all this stressing over finding the perfect diet (among other things) is what’s actually killing us. Eat a diverse diet but everything in moderation. Get regular exercise. Fast occasionally. Eventually something will kill you no matter what you do. Just live your life.

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