YOUR DREAM IS POSSIBLE - Powerful Motivational Video

YOUR DREAM IS POSSIBLE – Powerful Motivational Video

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30 thoughts on “YOUR DREAM IS POSSIBLE – Powerful Motivational Video

  1. My dream is to become a neurosurgeon and an actor I following my dreams everyday I take acting classes at my College I'm planning on transferring to the university with a neuroscience major and get into med school and I wanna act in the movies I will be in the movies one day I know it

  2. my life for me is all about music. Music has helped me through everything. When i'm happy i enjoy the music, but when i'm sad i understand the lyrics. Everyday there's people that are saying " sorry girl but i don't think you will make your dream to come true" or " haha dream bigger". But still i'm trying my hardest to just ignore them an keep going, but why does things still getting worser?

  3. I love drawing and my dream is to animate but i don't have a drawing tablet. Please help me reach my dreams by giving support to my channel so I can monetize my videos and i can buy the tablet 🙁

  4. My dream is possible. I know. I made sure it was when I made it. Back in 2012 I made sure it was big enough to be an unbelievably good life yet small enough that it was in the realm of possibility. What I didn't account for was the malevolence of other people and that the majority of humanity is aligned exactly against the good, aligned against what would be best for themselves and others. And they take actions every day to make sure that the good that could happen in their and other peoples lives can't be expressed. My dream was possible. But other people made sure that it isn't for me. There are people with similar dreams to mine, not the same but similar. I continue to exist to support those people now. Right now the person I've found who's similar to me who has a vision as close as mine as I can find is seb111114. So save for food and drink I give seb the rest of the money I make using the principles I learned from The richest man in Babylon, Rich dad Poor dad etc. Because I'm done investing in a dream that's already dead that other people killed. I'm done investing in myself. It's better to invest in another individual who's dream isn't dead and is the most similar to mine that I could find. We all reap the benefits, and have been doing so for the past 9 months. I see no reason not to continue. "Old age" old age is going to suck no matter how much or little money I have. And fuck me I'm going to die anyways. I always intended my life to be dedicated towards positive creativity and if this is the only way to go about it then so fucking be it! (Fuck my future that other people killed anyways)

  5. I have come to realize quite a few things lately. My gut, or instincts as some call it or intuition as others call it is always right. I mean it's never wrong. Even times that I used to look back on and think why did I do that or not do that? My gut told me to or not to. Those times I thought were a mistake listening to my gut because it seemed like the wrong idea at the time ended up being more right than I ever knew. I came to realize that those gut feelings are God's way of communicating with me. So many times I thought I made a wrong move and I made that move because my gut told me to. Fast forward way down the road and I realize that what I thought was a bad idea at the time because I listened to my gut ended up being exactly what I needed to do or needed not to do. Just took years for me to see it. I have followed my gut far more times than I realized too, but I didn't always follow it. Now, that is how I live life, based solely on what my gut tells me. It's working out far better than perfect.

  6. You know what LIVE your life how you would want to live it!Dont live OTHER people’s lives be passionate about what you want to do and I know it’s hard but I’m 12 and if I’ve already picked this up it’s not too late!!!!

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